Have Better Meetings

Have better meetings by using parliamentary procedure.


Are you participating in a voluntary membership association?  Are your meetings running smoothly? We can show you how to actively participate in your meetings so that all voices are heard and decisions are made in the most democratic manner possible.  We can demystify Robert's Rules of Order and make them simpler and easier to understand so you can share these principles with others and better organize those meetings.

Develop confidence when presiding at your meetings.  We can provide the guidance to help you better understand the democratic principles underlying parliamentary procedure.  We can make these principles easy to understand so that your meetings will run more efficiently and reach successful outcomes.

Each meeting of our unit offers participants the opportunity for education on these principles.  Unit dues are only $10 per year and the general public is invited to attend our meetings.  If you are not a resident near or in San Francisco, we can help you find a unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians near you.  Each meeting is an educational opportunity to study Robert’s Rules of Order so you can learn to raise the standard of participation at your meetings.

Learn what it means to have a successful meeting.  Learn how to use Robert’s Rules of Order.  Once you have learned its underlying, democratic principles, the Rules of Order are easy to understand.  Learn the practical aspects of realizing a successful meeting and provide leadership training to your colleagues in any kind of organization.  Learn how to frame your ideas for adoption by your organization.

Conduct meetings suitable for the 21st Century, such as the conduct of electronic meetings by conference-call or live chat. Learn Robert’s Rules of Order in a supportive environment and improve the efficiency and participation of members in your meetings.

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